Feeling Stuck in the Wrong Career?

Does this sound like you?

The feeling of dread starts as early as Sunday afternoon when you begin thinking about going to work on Monday. Believe me I really know how this feels. I’ve been there! About Wednesday you begin thinking about the weekend and your freedom for two days. Yes, that was me too!

You feel like there’s no future in your career. It’s the same routine each day, each week, each month. Do you see others who have been with the company for many years and are still doing the same job? Are you thinking? ‘This could be me in the future? Way too scary to think about!!

Are you tired of not being recognized for your efforts or success not acknowledged?
Your self esteem and confidence are taking a hit each day.

Maybe you’re thinking – What’s the point?

Or perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who has a great job, paid well, recognised for your work and a great future. What’s wrong then? It’s just not the future that you want for yourself. You went into the job for all the right reasons, but your heart is just not it to it. You want to get out and find a role that motivates you and excites you, that ticks more of your boxes.

How long can this go on?

Are you feeling a little jealous or resentful of others – friends, colleagues, family members – who are doing something they like and are happy each work day?

Actually, you’re just not into it all. Your heart is just beating each day to keep you going. It’s more than a salary you want. You want to feel good about what you do. You know what success feels like and you know that you don’t feel success in your current job. We all need to feel successful, that what we do is valued, and that our achievements are acknowledged.

We want to feel motivated about our work, to go to work looking forward to the day. We all want to feel like we are contributing in a positive way, and that what we do is making a difference.

Do you agree?

This is what you can do now –  today –  to get your career on the move:

Use the next available time to have a positive internal conversation about what is at the heart of your unhappiness in your career. Define your answer in only one or two sentences.

Ask yourself these powerful questions:

  1. What will make the biggest difference my life – in my career right now?
  2. What’s the impact on my future, if it is not achieved?
  3. What specific results do I want …… and what do I need to do to achieve these?

Make a list of actions in order of priority:

Make your list in small achievable steps with a timeline for your actions.
Finally – and most importantly – accountability. What strategies can you put in place to make sure you stay focused on achieving your goals.

Make a commitment to yourself  to achieve the change you want, so that your heart can once again feel excitement about your career.

I did, and it seriously was the most life changing process, that I am still reaping the rewards of today.
You too can set your career free.

You too can achieve the change you want.

If you would like help in managing your life changes, contact me directly to arrange a brief confidential (and free) career check-in –  [email protected].




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