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We are specialist recruiters in the Rotating Machinery Industry – Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Mechanical Seals and Valves. We recruit at all levels of seniority within the Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical & Petrochemical, Industrial and Water & Wastewater Markets. Our company focuses solely on Rotating Machinery within these industries and do not spread our business across a range of disciplines. As a result, we know our industry well and have an extensive market source worldwide to draw upon.

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We understand that the selection of your talent is the key to your business’ success. This is relevant, particularly for leadership roles, where the future direction of your business is at stake. We know that an appointment can enhance the dynamics of the team, indeed the whole workplace, and establish a new pathway to success.

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What key features set us apart?

We have developed a solid reputation for providing an unrivalled professional service to our Clients. Our reputation is very precious to us and we work consistently to maintain this.
We know and interact with key senior industry leaders worldwide on a regular basis building and enhancing mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships ensure our resources meet our industry’s specific needs.

Our clients know that we provide personalised attention to their needs for the entirety of the assignment. We strive to fill every vacancy and have a reputation for persistence with the ‘hard to fill’ roles.

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What we offer you as a client


Full Search Assignment enables the most comprehensive allocation of resources and time, concentrating efforts on headhunting of talented leaders and engineers from your competitors locally, nationally and worldwide, to find the appropriate candidate for your needs. In additional to Headhunting, the following resources are included:
  • Rowe and Co has an extensive and growing presence on Social Media for promotion roles and to seek suitable candidates.
  • Rowe and Co website has been purposely designed to enable visitors to access information quickly and effectively. Every month we receive CVs from engineers from around the world in response to job opportunities listed on our site.
  • Full Psychometric Assessment of all short listed candidates is offered.
Our fee represents the resources allocated to this assignment. The fee is an agreed percentage of the expected annual salary inclusive of commission, invoiced in three equal stages. The stages are- on commencement of assignment, on presentation of short list and on commencement of employment.
No Placement, No Fee Assignment includes the use of our Rowe and Co Applicant Data Base which is maintained daily and includes thousands of current applicants.
  • No Placement, No Fee Assignment will be listed on Rowe and Co Website and promoted on our Social Media sites.
  • The Fee for this assignment is equal to a percentage of the gross annual salary inclusive of any bonus or commission and payable commencement.

Dianne Rowe is a Certified Executive Coach specialising in Leadership Development and Career Revitalization. Dianne achieved Certification at Melbourne’s CoachCorp Ltd in 2009, and also trained as a Leadership Mentor within the following – Franklin Covey Institute, Australian Principal Centre as Mentor, Eleanor Davis Mentor Program, Centre for Creative Leadership Development Program and Stephen Covey Program.

What can Dianne offer you through Executive Coaching?
  • Experience as a successful coach from working with senior leaders in both education and business
  • Empathy and respect for the leadership
  • A motivating approach to action planning and to career redefinition
  • A broad range of tools and strategies to support the coaching process
  • Encouragement of achievable, measurable and rewarding goals
  • Flexibility in coaching in recognition of individuality of needs.

What will Executive Coaching involve?

Executive Coaching typically involves between 5 and 10 sessions conducted over 9 – 10 months.
Development needs vary, but coaching can:
  • Support in developing strategies to succeed with a particular challenge
  • Enhance general leadership skills
  • Strengthen an established career in need of revitalisation

Contact Dianne directly for a free confidential consultation at [email protected].
Psychometric Profiling can provide valuable insight into the character and work ethic of each candidate.
  • Our computerised profile provides benchmark characteristics, abilities and skills comparable to other professionals.
  • It can qualify characteristics that may not be measurable through traditional interview techniques.
  • Many of our clients choose to use psychometric Profiling in addition to any one of the above assignments.


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