5 in-demand onshore roles within the AU Oil & Gas Industry

The Oil & Gas Industry is a major employer both in Australia and around the world and suitably qualified and experienced personnel can expect to be rewarded very well within the industry, particularly if their area of expertise is a role in high demand. Although many of the more lucrative positions are offshore, there are several onshore roles within the industry for those who meet the necessary criteria. For the sake of clarity and conciseness, this article will outline five of the many onshore roles that companies are actively recruiting for in 2022/2023. The descriptions for each of the roles are very generalised. The roles and responsibilities within each job title are widely varied and dependent on the area of work. Please visit our jobs page or contact us directly for specific details. 

1.  Service Engineer – The role of a service engineer depends on area of work and specialisation but will generally encompass a wide range of technical tasks including the installation, service and commissioning of various engineering components to maintain productivity. Key skills needed for any service engineer role include but are not limited to repair, troubleshooting, product training and providing technical support to customers both onsite and remotely. The role of a service engineer can involve extensive travel across the country and may include periods away from home. 

2. Sales Roles – The range of sales roles within the O&G industry is vast and includes positions from office-based sales coordinators right up to area, regional and international sales managers. The potential for career advancement within sales departments is high, as are the potential rewards if targets are met. Many of the people in senior roles within sales began their career in the Oil & Gas Industry at entry level and have progressed to top-tier management positions.

3. Skilled MachinistA skilled machinist plays a crucial role in the manufacture of parts for O&G applications. Drilling, turning, boring, milling and facing are the key skills required for a machinist position along with the ability to understand both basic blueprints and design-led instructions. Applicants for skilled machinist roles should have served a recognised apprenticeship (or TAFE) and possess product knowledge and basic programming skills.

4. Projects ManagerProjects Manager roles cover a huge range of different areas and disciplines. The candidate’s experience and qualifications will govern the exact area of work.  Broadly speaking, the core duties performed by a Projects Manager include end-to-end management of multiple projects, creating, scoping and testing concepts and processes as well as mentoring other members of the project team. They should also be skilled in negotiating, risk assessment, Health and Safety and organisational decision-making.  These core functions merely scratch the surface of a Projects Manager’s role, there are many more detailed in each specific job description. 


5. Pump Repair Technicians – Pump Repair Technicians are held in high regard by both their employers and customers. The Pump Repair Technician ensures that all aspects of pump disassembly, repair and assembly are carried out to exact tolerances. They are also responsible for all necessary documentation and pump prep before dispatch to the customer. Pump Repair Technicians are much in demand across the industry and this is amply illustrated by the number of job openings at any given time.  

If you’d like to find out more about the various onshore roles within the Oil & Gas Industry or want detailed information regarding openings in your area, please get in touch with us.

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