Pre & Post Client Services

To aid you in defining the needs of recruiting for your organisation we have a database of over 6000 engineers. Alternatively we can conduct a thorough and focused Search Assignment within any market sector.

Rowe and Company have developed a solid and prestigious reputation in Fluid Handling and Rotating Machinery marketplace. Our consultants interact with top-level industry professionals on a regular basis to develop strong and mutually beneficial relationships. These relationships ensure our resources meet the industry’s specific needs.

Psychometric profiling can provide a valuable insight into the character of each candidate. Our computerised profile provides benchmark characteristics, abilities and skills against comparable and professional groups. It can qualify characteristics that may not be measurable through traditional interview techniques.

Internet Recruitment

Our website, has been purposely designed to enable visitors to access information quickly and effectively. Every month over 300 engineers from around the world respond to the job opportunities available. We now have a highly focused global database from which clients can obtain profiles of some of the most talented engineers and managers around the world.

Client Advertising

We have, over the years, extensively researched the effectiveness of newspapers and trade journals and are able to advise clients where advertising gains the most effective response. Our expertise in creating market driven advertising together with our respected identity ensures a positive response.

A Dedication To Client Satisfaction

Our service goes beyond identifying qualified candidates. Understanding our clients’ individual corporate cultures helps ensure that the people we recommend for the position will respond positively to the challenge of our client companies We recognise that people are your most valuable asset. Our role in helping secure the best candidates will ensure they contribute to achieving your business goals.