Benefits of Landing an Onshore Oil & Gas Role

When most people visualise oil and gas jobs, they immediately think about offshore roles on an oil rig in the middle of the sea somewhere but there is also a sizeable onshore presence within the industry. From technicians to project managers to sales teams, onshore oil and gas workers play a vital role in getting the product to where it needs to be when it reaches the shores of Australia. 

Many people who would like to work in the O&G industry are perhaps put off by the thought of being away from home for extended periods or simply don’t like the idea of being offshore at all but there are many opportunities to work in the industry without setting foot on a boat or helicopter, you just need to know where to look. 

Please see below for a general list of benefits of working onshore in oil and gas in comparison to an offshore position.

  • More stable home life – Many offshore O&G workers bemoan the fact that they can’t spend enough time with their families. Despite the generous remuneration of many offshore roles, missing school shows and maybe even their child’s first words or steps are just some examples of what offshore O&G workers could miss. In contrast, onshore O&G workers are generally based at their home addresses and any time spent away from home is usually minimal. Onshore service engineers and pump technicians may be required to travel to client call outs and this will be detailed in their employment contract.
  • Convenient work schedules – Although many onshore O&G roles will involve at least an element of shift work, the workers can return home at the end of their shift and partake in the things they enjoy doing such as spending time with their family or partaking in a hobby.
  • More comfortable working conditions – Not everyone can cope with the unpredictable weather conditions that are commonly experienced by offshore O&G workers. Although the weather can be unpredictable anywhere and at any time, being on dry land during inclement weather is a lot more preferable to being offshore for many people.
  • Remuneration – Although not as well paid as the majority of offshore positions, salaries for onshore O&G workers are very competitive when compared to other sectors in Australia. 

If you are looking for an onshore position within the O&G industry in Australia, Rowe & Co can help. As leading oil and gas recruitment specialists, we actively recruit service engineers, pump repair technicians, sales personnel, machinists, Projects Managers as well as management positions. We recruit for permanent, contract and temporary positions for experienced and occasionally entry-level roles as well. If you have no previous experience within the O&G industry but have certain transferable skills, we may be able to help you find a job that matches your skillset. Please see our jobs page for current openings and get in touch if you have any questions.