5 things that will lead to success with your CV!

Job Resume 1. Be specific.
Recruiters don’t have time to search for relevance in the hundreds of CVs coming in. Make yours stand out by specific relevance to the job. Highlight terms in bold italic for quick eye search. Recruiters don’t read every word, so keep it short, sweet and relevant! Works every time.

2. Remember ‘less is more’ when writing your CV!
Keep to the main information relevant to the specific role you’re interested in (2 pages max) for example: qualifications, summary skills, chronological employment history beginning with current. Please no need for 8 or 10 pages of life history at this initial stage. This is relevant for all level of roles.

3. Be selective!
Be selective about where you send your CV or place your information. Keep to industry specific locations. Be creative where you look for contacts. Social Media is huge for showing your availability for work. But once again tap into areas relevant to your skills for most effectiveness

4. Be hungry for the role!
After the CV is sent it’s not over. Ring your recruiter, HR contact for updates. Showing you are really interested is a plus not a pain! Companies want people who genuinely want to work for them.

5. Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!
Remember relationships lead to successful appointments. Relationships begin when you’re currently in work! So become industry connected now! Networking is an essential part of finding the right job but also career advancement too.

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This post was written by Dianne Rowe, Director Rowe & Co Recruitment.

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