Who are the biggest pump companies in Europe?

European Purchases of Industrial Pumps will Exceed $9 Billion by 2015

McIlvaineEuropean industrial pump purchases will grow moderately in the next two years and surpass $9 billion in 2015.  This is the conclusion reached by McIlvaine in Pumps World Markets.   Centrifugal pump purchases will exceed the combined total of the other pump types. Europe will remain a major exporter as well as purchaser of industrial pumps. However, many European pump manufacturers are setting up manufacturing operations in Asia. The rising cost of energy in Europe combined with the faster growing demand in Asia has dictated these decisions.
The power industry remains a substantial purchaser in spite of the program to switch to renewables. There are some new coal-fired power plants in planning and construction. The big demand for pumps is in life extension for the numerous older power plants.
Five of the world s top pump companies are headquartered in Europe. They are Grundfos, Sulzer, Weir, KSB and Wilo. The main pump operations of the largest pump company, Xylem, are in Europe.

Picture: McIlvaine

Source: McIlvaine via www.impeller.net

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