Top Tips to Hiring the Best.


There’s a difference between filling a job and hiring the right person to add value to the company.

Consider these questions before you complete your next hire:


  1. Check the obvious first – are they competent? Do they have the necessary skills, and qualifications?
  2. Are they capable of delivering beyond expectations? Do they have an inquiring mind and personal initiative to achieve more than what is in the job description?
  3. In what way will this candidate add value to your company compared to other applicants?
  4. Do their values align with your company? Are they honest? Do they have team player skills?
  5. Will they fit with the ‘culture’ of your business? Will they be guided by the policies and procedures, values and expectations?
  6. Are they driven by the dollar? Will they accept the highest paying offer and move to the next offer in a short time?
  7. Are they interested in future career growth, continued learning and leadership development?
  8. Are they serious about their career goals or are they just filling the role with a 9 to 5 attitude?

It is rare to have a perfect placement. Using competencies and salary are good indicators, but by engaging in a more robust selection process you will find a more authentic fit.

Have I forgotten anything? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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