So You Missed Out on the Job? Top Tips for Dealing with it.


So you’ve been rejected and you thought you had it in the bag. It was just a matter of time before you’d receive the phone call with the offer. You felt confident enough to tell people close to you that you’d get the job.

You even prepared for this interview. Which is much more than you did for any of the others.

You spent time researching the company on their website, investigating their products and their markets. You were sure that your relevant experience in the same market with a similar product would place you in front of any other candidate.

Your background is perfect for the role. Your qualifications and professional development had prepared you for this role.

It was yours!

So what went wrong? What will you do now?

Missing out on the job and the feeling of rejection does hurt, particularly if the role was the kind that you really wanted and thought you could get.

Some tips for you to think about:

  1. Be kind to yourself!

Try not to think that you underperformed or that you weren’t good enough. You did all you could, you put in your best effort. Sometimes it’s just the simple fact that they preferred to hire someone from within the company or from their network. It’s nothing personal.

  1. Try not over analyse.

Try not to go over the interview too much or to listen to others who want to analyse for you. How we think we perform and how we are perceived to perform are sometimes quite different. Try and get some feedback – via the recruiter or the panel directly.  Feedback from those who have direct knowledge of how you went will be worthwhile information that will help you next time.

  1. Try not to blame others.

Your pride has been hurt and can sometimes take over. Try not to blame others for the rejection. Blaming others can shift the notion of responsibility elsewhere with the aim of decreasing your loss of pride, but it is not useful. The fact is, you missed out this time. You can’t blame the panel for not asking the questions you wanted, or for shifting the interview at the last minute or anything else that may have happened. The truth is that you missed out this time. Simple.

  1. So do you give up?

Every hurdle in life is just another one and there will be others to deal with. I don’t believe in ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’.  Try to learn what you can from the experience and then move on to the next challenge.

What’s that I can hear?

Oh yes, it’s the phone ringing with another opportunity for you!

Learn from the last interview and move forward to the next one with confidence in your ability. There is always something else just around the corner.

Author: Dianne Rowe, Director Rowe & Co Recruitment.  Global Recruiters in Rotating Machinery for Oil & Gas, Power & Water Industries.


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