THE CLIENT         TOYO PUMPS Based in Coquitlam, Vancouver, Canada

THE POSITION    Senior Hydraulic Pump Design Engineer

 Peter Van de Velde and his family have manufactured under licence the Toyo range of Slurry Pumps for thirty-five years

The Toyo Pump system was specifically designed to pump solids that have settled out of fluid suspension, the very situation where conventional pumps fail. The rotating cutter blades of Toyo’s patented built-in agitator will move from rest material up to 70 percent solids by weight into the Toyo impeller, whips it into a slurry and pushes a high concentration of this slurry into the impeller, which is then pumped out.

The company have been investing heavily in the business attracting top talent from all over the world, streamlining processes and systems, partnering with top universities for cutting edge research in hydraulics, hydra-efficiencies, mechatronics and corrosion and abrasive material handling, becoming ISO 9001 certified and designing a new range of game-changing modular submersible slurry pumps.

Managing Director Justin Van de Velde has discussed the evolution on You Tube


Below are the technical specifications of the product range



This position qualifies for a sponsored Visa.

This Opportunity will require relocation to Coquitlam, Vancouver on the west coast of Canada, just north of the American border

Position Description

 The challenge and opportunity the company faces is finding someone who is talented on the design and creative side of seeing the vision, starting with a blank sheet of paper, and literally creating something that has never been done before. For many the process can be frustrating as the design and designer will frequently need to pivot to overcome difficult design hurdles. This is a role for someone who would love the challenge.

The role will be plant based with travel to customer sites

Assets would be:

  • Strong mechanical aptitude and experience designing pumps
  • Some understanding or experience in electrical engineering
  • Slurry hydraulics experience a plus but not a necessity
  • Understanding of casting (sand and wax), tooling design and pouring process and procedures
  • Creative
  • Thirsts for doing things differently
  • Loves to overcome difficult design problems without getting frustrated
  • Energy and speed


Toyo are looking for someone special and Toyo will offer a very generous package