Hard Research Will Reward You With Terrific Job Opportunities

Hard research will reward you with terrific job opportunities


You have terrific experience and qualifications, but it’s some time since you’ve actively looked for another job, particularly in your specific market of pump industry Australia. The following is a summary of things that might help you in your search.

  • Read advertisements carefully. Are they seeking someone of your experience or would you be underutilized?
  • Check out the company’s website. Are there success stories? Are new products in the pipeline? Even in these difficult times, you should be able to distinguish those companies who have long term growth potential.
  • Find out who would be your peer group on LinkedIn. Will you feel comfortable? Consider the managers’ profiles. Do they appear competent? Will they be role models?
  • Check out present headcount numbers and then remove those who have left. This will give you an idea of turnover and skill retention.

Finding opportunities-

Most jobs are advertised on SEEK. Create a specific search eg vacuum, engineering and greater Melbourne. Relevant jobs will be listed. Click on the website link for each as you can tell a lot about a company by its website. Click on the LinkedIn link from each website and search through leaders/managers/employees past and present as suggested above.

LinkedIn has groups that you can join which effectively are job boards – World Pumps, Pumps and Systems. You will be able to follow targeted companies and apply directly from the site.

Not all companies advertise on job media, some on websites. It is worth looking on preferred company’s websites. Sometimes it is worth a considered shot to a competitor.

You can also google your job title and preferred location. Or pick a region on Google maps and search for pump companies to investigate.

www.pumps.org.au is an absolute mine of information with links to technical journals you can subscribe to. These will provide up to date information that will help you build knowledge of the industry for your job search and useful at interview.

Look out for upcoming Exhibitions. Industrial in Melbourne, Mining in Sydney, Oil and Gas in Perth.

Make sure your final decision is somewhere that excites you and your family

Most importantly, stay fit and healthy – hard research will finally reward you with some terrific job opportunities.


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