Not even mildly excited about Monday?


Not even mildly excited about work?

5 steps to a new direction in your career.

So you wake up each morning and you have that dreaded feeling of dragging yourself to work for yet another day. Maybe one of the following is happening in your workplace:

  • Your boss is hard to work for. You don’t receive feedback or acknowledgement for what you contribute
  • Is your role is leading nowhere. You don’t see potential for growth.
  • Are others receiving credit for their efforts and yours are being overlooked?
  • Are you being overlooked for promotion or pay incentives?

If any or all of the above is relevant to you it’s time to rethink your career direction.

Try these 5 steps to securing a new future:

  1. Evaluate what you really don’t like in your current role. Is it your boss, your colleagues, style of work, industry, potential? If you can work out specifically what it is you don’t like about your current role you’re better placed to make the correct choice in your next role.
  2. Where would you like to work? Do some research in your industry and identify your preferred companies and locations. Join these on LinkedIn and begin some communication with them.
  3. Identify some recruitment companies which specialise in your chosen industry. A specialist recruitment company will have knowledge of your particular skills and will be able to realistically help you in your search.
  4. Be realistic about your time line. Middle management and above take a few months for placement. There’s no way the process can be hastened.
  5. Keep your plans close to your chest. No point in letting everyone know that you want to leave until you’ve successfully gained a new appointment and are ready to hand in your resignation.

Next comes the most important task you can do!

  1. Update your CV. Don’t be lazy about this. Be prepared to adjust your CV for particular roles. Your CV must reflect your experience and skills in a well organised and easy to read manner.
  2. Update your profile on LinkedIn – you can apply for roles using your profile.
  3. Connect with specialist industry recruiters on LinkedIn – send messages about your interest and availability
  4. Put your CV on Industry job boards. It’s amazing where source specialists find CVs!
  5. Get on the phone to recruiters – arrange a time for face to face meeting. You will get more support from a person to person process.


What’s holding you back now? Now is the time to take the next step!


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