6 Ways to Improve Your Job Search with a Recruiter.

Working with a recruiter is a partnership needing 50/50 input.

1. Find an experienced recruiter.

An experienced recruiter is able to use your complete skill set  broaden possibilities for you. They have seen it before and can think beyond the obvious.

2. Use a specialist from your industry.

It’s logical that the most relevant jobs are listed with recruiters within the industry. A specialist recruiter can use their personal network within the industry to find a role that isn’t out there yet. They don’t list jobs for other areas of the industry, so it’s a focused search.

3. Be upfront about things you’re good at and what you’re not.

A good recruiter can spot transferrable skills that can move from one job to another. They can only do that if they have all your information.

4. Take some ownership.

When a job is suggested to you, take initiative to visit the website of the company. Find out anything from your network about the company. Don’t just leave it to the recruiter to spoon feed you.

5. How honest are you?

Are you upfront about why you want to leave your current company? Be honest about your skills, experiences and your current salary. If you’re honest about yourself and your expectations you have more chance of a successful outcome.
Any hint of exaggeration will leave your CV on the pile or filed in the round file.

6. Be realistic.

Unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment and a waste of time for everyone. Likewise with salary expectations – there are market place balances for particular roles according to seniority and experience. It’s rare that companies are prepared to pay over market place value… particularly in our current economic environment.

7. Be open to all opportunities.

Your job search may provide you with a new direction that can reignite your interest in your career.

Remember you and your recruiter are a partnership. They accurately represented you to the client, it’s a big mistake to overplay your position at interview as it will reflect on you and your recruiter. They want a successful outcome for you as much as you do.

Remember your recruiter has pitched hard for you, so stick to the plan.


What’s important to you when working with a recruiter?

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