How Authentic is Your Leadership?

Susan Scott in her book,’ Fierce Conversations’, says,

‘Authenticity is not something you have; it is something you choose.’

Authenticity is defined as:

Authentic leadership is an approach to leadership that emphasizes building the leader’s legitimacy through honest relationships with followers which value their input and are built on an ethical foundation. 

What does it look like in the workplace?

Strong sense of purpose

Purpose defined by having a clear direction or vision that is clearly articulated by all in the company irrespective of their role. An authentic leader lives and breathes purpose and harnesses others’ commitment to it. It is not his/her vision only – vision is one that is developed and owned by all and visible in everyday activities of the business.


This is more than an openness to receiving input to plans. It is a strong determination to involve others in the design of plans, their implementation and evaluation. You’ll engage others in setting the accountability processes. Being flexible requires a strong belief in your own capabilities and not feeling threatened by alternative suggestions.

Flexibility in also recognising that plans need adjusting too. We all know how quickly a major change in business is required.  It takes courage to recognise the need to adjust plans to meet the changed landscape.


You are who you are! Simple as that. You have the same persona at work in a variety of situations. People can predict your manner of response. At all times and in all circumstances you demonstrate consistency in your behaviour. It is important to know where we stand. Unpredictable behaviour leads to insecurity in the workforce.

Along with consistency is reliability and it is equally important. We know that you will do what you say you will do.

Developing others as leaders

You actively create opportunities for others to develop their skills. You don’t perceive yourself as being the expert in everything. You are not threatened by others taking the lead. In fact, you employ and develop talent to build expertise across all areas of the business. A great leader builds teams to share the leadership load.

Engaging in ongoing learning

You role model your belief that learning is a lifelong process. Leadership learning never stops. You engage in a variety of professional learning opportunities to remain at the peak of performance. You continually polish and strengthen your leadership capacities and you expect others to do the same. You have your own unique leadership style.

You are an authentic leader.


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