6 ways to kill a job interview


Have you been guilty of any of the following?


  1. A limp handshake. Call me old fashioned but a good, strong handshake (not knuckle crunching) speaks of sincerity, commitment and reliability.
  2. Are you punctual? Turning up late to an interview – even with believable excuses – is unacceptable.
  3. Did you dress appropriately for the interview? No need to go over the top formal, but a professional role requires a professional appearance. Even if the role is to be in a workshop you still need to make an effort for the interview. It shows that the job is something worth making the effort for.
  4. Did you prepare for the interview? Some candidates think that turning up is enough to get the job. In today’s competitive market it is not enough. Research the company on line before attending the interview so that you can speak with some knowledge. Research the Job Description so that you’re familiar with what will be expected of you. Always go prepared with information from your current role that you really want to share.
  5. Did you really demonstrate interest? No one will select a candidate who really isn’t that interested. Do you really want to the job? If not, don’t waste your time and theirs by going to the interview in the first place.
  6. Do you talk too much? The interviewer has a number of questions to ask you. Let them ask the questions, answer relevantly and to the point. Don’t bore everyone with your life history.

Follow these points and the next time you may be more successful.

Now it’s your turn. What’s your experience with interviews? Have you had an experience to remember?


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