Choose a Career or Job that is the Right Fit.

“Your VISION and your self-willingness are the MOST powerful elements to conquer your goal”

Rashedur Ryan Rahman

My recent online ‘Career Success’ survey produced results that confirmed career growth and career motivation are high on the list of needs. 57% of respondents wanted to know how to develop a career that is motivating and exciting.

Is that surprising?

Well probably not, considering mobility of 30+s and the enormous emphasis on social media placed on enjoying life, finding the job you love, passion, passion, passion. Find your passion!

The surprise in the results is not so much how large the percentage of those seeking alternatives, but really, how small the percentage was. I was expecting so many more to respond who were seeking alternatives to what they currently have.

How does this pan out in reality?

I see a common need with many of my coaching clients. They are wanting more than their current job, to shift the direction or accelerate their career. In the current international job market vulnerability, this needs to be considered very carefully.

Is it best to cut your losses and just move elsewhere?

The first most logical thought when unhappy at work is to think of changing jobs, to seek something else that ticks more boxes. If you’re unhappy in your current career, if your current role is not providing the kind of professional life that you crave, then why not move elsewhere? You can seek another job that has potential to provide what you need, want, desire, and you hope that it will tick more of your boxes.

This is an easy fix …… or is it?

I would suggest, that this is approaching the problem in a way that has the potential of simply creating the same outcomes – different role, different people, but potentially same frustration, same lack of motivation.

The difference is that you’re back at square one, wondering what to do next.

It is time to start thinking outside the box

Time to explore all options and find what really does tick the boxes. Time to discover what you would really like to do, to find a career, or job that has more alignment with your skills, experiences, interests, talents and, yes, passions.

How much time do you invest in your career?

There’s a huge investment of time in your career long term. You don’t want to waste precious time going from job to job trying to land in something that might provide the rewards you crave.

I’m going to ask the obvious….

What if you never land something you like? There’s so much at stake and the outcome is too important to leave your future to chance. What if chance doesn’t work in your favor?

I know firsthand how it feels. Yes, I’ve been there myself

I had a successful career that provided me with great rewards both financially, but also with satisfaction that I was working for something worthwhile……..but very few of my boxes were ticked!

I took control of my future and got a coach who challenged my conservative thinking, challenged me to think outside my secure comfort zone to make some ‘brave’ decisions.

Without any hesitation, I know that this would work for you too.

Where to from here?

This makes answering the question ‘Where do I go from here?’ a very powerful one and it is critical to keep at the forefront of your mind, not only through the process of career or job change, but throughout your entire life.

Stephen Covey, (one of my preferred ‘go to’ influencers), in his book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, says to begin with the end in mind, have a clear understanding of your destination, making sure that it’s your preferred one.

This requires some creative thinking outside the security of your current life.

Only by being challenged to explore your current thinking, will you broaden your perspective and be able to consider alternatives.

Is your current career or job the right one for you?

Are there other totally different options available to you that you haven’t considered?

I know how easy it is to select a career or job that really doesn’t accurately reflect inner core values, beliefs or understandings. It might pay good money, give you prestige, it may tick some of your boxes. Is this enough? Is it enough to keep you interested, motivated, for the duration?

Keeping the ball rolling on the same field, with the same bunch of colleagues, is just keeping life ticking along.

I call this one dimensional or first layer thinking.

Get to the heart of your thinking.

Getting to the ‘heart’ of thinking can be achieved with powerful conversations that extend your thinking beyond a once dimensional approach. These conversations occur between coach and client.

As Susan Scott in her book, ‘Fierce Conversations’, suggests a conversation to get to the heart of thinking is one:

 ‘In which we come out from behind ourselves into the conversation and make it real’. 

How often to you find yourself saying things just to be polite. This can happen in a personal situation with family, spouse or in a professional situation, with colleagues or leaders.

How often have you attended meetings thinking that the real issues are not being discussed? Real conversations are not occurring.

Susan goes further to say that the first principle of making a conversation real is to:

‘Master the courage to interrogate reality’.

It really does take courage to state the obvious, when no one else is willing to.

In relation to your career – what is the cost to your life if your current reality is not challenged – if you never explore alternative options?

Are you willing to question your current reality?

Using a powerful questioning process, coaching will enable you to leave the comfort of your current thinking and support you to identify your preferred career destination – one that reflects your values, your interests, your unique skills, one that allows your true potential to flourish.

Who else will you have this powerful discussion with? You may have it with members of your family, your co-workers, and friends – but most importantly with yourself.

Sounds crazy? Well, it’s the most important conversation of all.

Once you master the process of engaging with your inner self with total honesty, you will find that options, beyond what you imagined for yourself, will open to you, potential risks will not present as inhibiting negatives, and odds of success will be in your favor.

Visualise your future and ask these questions:

·       What do you see? Where are you? Who are you with?

·       What have you achieved? Are you proud of your achievements?

·       Have you made a contribution to others careers or lives?

·       What values underpin your decisions? Are you recognised as holding true to these values?

·       Do others perceive you, as you know yourself?

·       Have you accomplished what you had hoped for?

·       Can you look back on your life and feel that you’ve made best use of your talents?

·       What legacy will you leave?

In a coaching session, these questions and others, are used to reveal an honest and authentic visualisation of your preferred future.

What’s at stake if you’re unhappy, unmotivated in a job without future growth potential? …….Your life.

‘Living a life somewhere else in your mind is nothing more than being a prisoner where you are.’

― Shannon L. Alder

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