10 Top Tips for Great Induction Programs


Induction programs provide the opportunity to lay all cards on the table from a business perspective. Clear processes, protocols, responsibilities, learning opportunities and accountability processes for new employees can all be provided.


Top 10 items for inclusion:


  1. Administrative expectations

All companies have their own way of processing transactions. Set out your own with clear processes for new employees for a correct start to their employment.

  1. Processes, protocols,

    rules & regulations – especially with large multinational companies;

Large multi-national companies work across the globe and essentially need clearly defined protocols, rules and regulations.

  1. Hierarchical structure

    – who’s who in leadership and team composition;

New employees will appreciate clarity of leadership and their teams.

  1. Job Descriptions

    for their own and direct reports.

Whilst a specific adherence to what’s documented in the job description is equally as restraining as it is offering parameters, it is essential to know the specifics of the role.

  1. Customised Development Plans and processes for completion.

If your company is well organised you may even receive the schedule of meetings set for the year for managing the plans.

  1. Professional learning opportunities within house and recommended professional courses within other organisations and affiliations;

Additional to the planned professional learning would the company goals that are to be achieved

  1. Coaching opportunities;

Coaching can play a large role in providing professional learning, particularly if offered in house.

  1. Opportunities for Mentor partnerships which can support assimilation of new employee into the company and provide ongoing support.

Many more could be added to this list.

The most important aspect of an induction program is that the new employee gains sufficient knowledge about the company, and an awareness of expectations, to begin working.

Induction programs set the standard of performance and professional expectations from the beginning of employment. If implemented successfully there can be little possibility for misunderstanding down the track.






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