The Client:

Is an innovative and efficient centrifugal & reciprocating pump technology company and offers operators of Pump systems a wide range of quality products.

The company is committed to worldwide excellence, with a complete range of pumps to support their core markets which are oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation, heavy industry applications and water. The broad product line complies with the most demanding quality standards and industry specifications such as: ISO 9001, API, ANSI, Hydraulic Institute standards.

The company has achieved unrivaled sales growth over recent years and future plans for expansion are challenging. Current annual sales are approx. 4o0 million dollars per annum. Today the company employs more than 1400 people worldwide.

The Role will report to the Managing Director

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing the strategy and product development activities for the Mag Drive product line for all markets including employees working within the product line. Determines market trends and customer needs, then sets priorities for new product development, product improvements, critical inventory needs, training requirements and operational procedures. Interface with customers in defining market needs and product manufacturing transfer across group locations as required by market demands.
  • Grow worldwide revenue for the product line, margin, and market share. Work directly with global sales to identify market opportunities and establish appropriate sales strategies
  • Collaborate with group marketing to implement product marketing strategy
  • Have an over view regarding all bid preparation, and subsequently progress through the various stages of quotation.
  • Oversee management of major EPC and end-user projects
  • Control product design, development cost.
  • Manage pump costs and set the selling price.
  • Drive the product revenue through the full product life-cycle
  • Develop and execute specific programs either to capitalize on market opportunities or to address product gaps or deficiencies
  • Gather and prioritize product and customer requirements as well as define the product vision
  • Provide global technical assistance, to gain cost savings and achieve local content advantage.
  • Maintain contact with all major customers and ensure that the Company is bidding for all eligible projects.
  • Liaise effectively between Head Office and major customers regarding all bid preparation, and subsequently progress through the various stages of quotation.


Client is one of the world’s foremost engineering companies and offers a benefits package which will attract the best managers in the world.