2017 Chem Show Business Outlook Survey Results Indicate Expected Growth

According to a recent Chem Show survey sent to more than 10,000 chemical and other processing manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and design/engineering firms, 2017 is expected to foster significantly elevated business prospects and sales throughout the CPI.

Based on survey results, 82 percent of respondents expect their sales to increase this year, with 69 percent additionally rating the 2017 business climate as either good or excellent.

The five-question survey, distributed at the close of 2016, addressed a variety of parameters by which respondents were asked to measure overall business outlook for 2017.

“By reaching out to those that are directly shaping and changing the CPI at the product and technology innovation level, we mined some very interesting – and encouraging – data on the anticipated growth of the industry at-large this year,” said Clay Stevens, Chem Show manager. “We’re pleased to observe that a majority of respondents from the CPI foresee a healthy business climate, and we look forward to presenting an authentic reflection of this at the upcoming Chem Show this fall.”

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Source: www.impeller.net

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